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1 Conie Series photographed in Brooklyn, New York
2 Morgan Self-portrait series photographed by Morgan Pilcher in London, United Kingdom
3 Gillian, Alex & Amadeus Self-portrait series photographed by Alex Franco in Mallorca, Spain
4 Alexandra & Chris Photographed by Chris Colls in New York, New York
5 Marte Self-portrait series photographed by Marte Mei in Amsterdam, Netherlands
6 Métiers d’Art à New York A portfolio of the talented women who shape this city, in their own words. Featuring Olympia Scarry, Lauren Hutton, Cyndle Komarovski, Fulvia Farolfi, Mellany Sanchez and Jen Brill.
7 MALIN The Scandinavian creative director offers a rare glimpse into her private and professional world.
9 ARIZONA Pregnancy, sustainability and longevity with the model mother.
10 CARMEN WINANT’S BODY OF WORK The American artist who is making women’s real bodies visible.
11 Maryam A Lower East Side story by way of Tehran.