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  1. Self Portrait and Stills By Morgan Pilcher
  2. Words byNicholas Goodman


This pandemic has transformed life as we once knew it. It has taken loved ones, shuttered businesses, and tethered many to their homes. Though the future still remains uncertain, this shared isolation has revitalized our sense of community and even, become a source of inspiration. While each of us grapples with the sadness, anxiety and ennui of this moment, many are delving into themselves and the things they are surrounded by to find some respite. For this series, we asked a handful of artists, models and collaborators to share their aperture on this experience in their own words and images.

Unconditional: How do you feel right now?
Morgan Pilcher: To be honest, I am feeling really great, chubby but great. I am very thankful for my health, to be home and safe. I work full-time in an office and travel a lot for my job (which I absolutely love) but it is nice to have a change of pace and a forced reset. My thoughts and love are with all the people who have lost their lives and for the families and friends who have lost loved ones. I am also so thankful to all the doctors and nurses who are working on the front line and all the other workers such as supermarket staff and couriers that are making life easier for all of us at home.

UM: Do you have a routine or daily rituals at the moment?
MP: Even though I am not physically working, I am making sure to stay true to keeping the week and weekend separate so I don’t totally lose track of time. Making sure to stay productive during the week and then weekends can be more chilled. We have two dogs so we go every morning for a walk or run in a beautiful park near our house. I make sure to get in nature once a day, that really helps. I tried a live workout class but I was totally useless. I am sure my neighbours were very confused as I was using a bottle of champagne as a weight. I need to get back on to that! I recently did a juice cleanse for five days which I find is a great way to kick start back into healthy eating and into a routine with eating better post cleanse. They are not for everyone but I highly recommend it if you are up for it.

Morgan on the pandemic I do believe this pandemic was mother nature telling us to slow down, to look after the planet, each other and ourselves.

UM: Name a few things you’ve been able to do that you never normally have time to:
MP: Get creative with a self-portrait series for you lovely ladies. Laying around on the floor in the sun reading and napping. I’m like a cat following the sunny spots. (Neighbours once again thinking I am mad or dead on the floor). Daily walks and runs in the park with my boyfriend and dogs. It is part of his normal routine, but I would usually be on my way to work.

UM: In what ways is this time making you think about life and what you want out of it:
MP: I have always known to myself what was most important to me but I guess this has really drilled that in. Family, friends, health and a nice place you like to call home. It has also made me realize how I can live a lot simpler than I have been. I don’t need all of that “stuff”.

UM: What changes do you want to make in your life or work as a result of this?
MP: Spend less, save more. Buy property. To realize when it is time to slow down and act on it. I feel we all are going at such a rapid pace that life is flying by.

UM: What changes do you want to see in the world?
MP: I do believe this pandemic was mother nature telling us to slow down, to look after the planet, each other and ourselves. I hope that we all make a conscious effort to do all of those things post Coronavirus.

UM: 5 positive things that you have experienced as a result of isolation:
1. I find I am appreciating everything much more and it has helped put perspective on what is really important in life.
2. Empathy between humans. People coming together and supporting each other. Even something so simple as hearing strangers saying hello to one another in public or the Thursday evening clap we do for the NHS. I cry every time.
3. Less pollution. It’s incredible that parts of the world are now visible for the first time in decades.
4. Appreciation for what I have.
5. Chatting to all of my family and friends around the world much more than usual.

UM: What have you realized or come to understand about yourself that you didn’t before this experience?
MP: That I am able to stay in my house for a quarter of a year. Ha!

UM: In your ideal world, what would be some of the changes you would like to see post-quarantine?
MP: Continued compassion. Gratitude. Global unity.

UM: What do you miss most?
MP: My family and friends. Even though I would not be in Sydney at this time with my parents or in NYC with my brother, they feel so much further away because I know I cannot get to them. Traveling, as it is where I am most inspired. Creating with my friends and colleagues. Restaurants.

UM: If you could be quarantined anywhere, with anyone?
MP: At my family home by the beach in Sydney, Australia with my whole family, my boyfriend and my best friend, Sophie.

Self Portrait and Stills by Morgan Pilcher

Gillian, Alex & Amadeus

10Gillian, Alex & Amadeus